Westland Sea King MK48 RS02

Historic Helicopters own the last two Westland Sea King Mk-48 helicopters (RS02 and RS04) from Koksijde airbase. The other three aircraft are on display in museums in Brussels and Koksijde and in the aviation school in Ostend. This means that all five Belgian Sea Kings are now saved and not sold for parts.

RS02 and RS04 are an ex Belgian Air Force Sea King MK48. The Sea King served the Belgian Air Force since 1976 until March 2019.The primary roll was conducting SAR.

Westland Sea King MK48
To replace the successful Sikorsky S58 in the Search and Rescue role the Belgian Air Force ordered five Westland Sea King Mk48 helicopters in april 1975. In a first phase all aircraft were used for training at RNAS Culdrose before being delivered to Koksijde on 8 November 1976. Since being declared operational the number of successful lifesaving Sea King interventions has never stopped increasing. The Sea King managed a total of 3309 SAR interventions, 1757 persons saved and a total of 60.000 flying hours.
Historic Helicopters is a hugely enthusiastic team of people who live and work to preserve historic helicopters. Over the years, they have already proven that they are capable of achieving the impossible. Witness to this are their Whirlwind Mk10, Navy Wessex Mk5 and the 3 Sea Kings they already own. They are in excellent and flying condition. Historic helicopters is a non profit organisation focused on charity..
The goal is to present historical helicopters to a wide audience in the UK and Europe.
Historic helicopters want to let people experience the experience of these exceptional aircraft. We want to bring the aircraft to the people and let them enjoy the stories behind these aircraft and their sometimes epic missions that they have flown. I’m convinced our team is the only one in the world in private ownership that can accomplish this tribute to the Sea King and SAR community.
08 April ’76 first flight, ex G-BDNI/G17-2
First flight, ex G-BDNI/G17-2
Crew – J.Hilleware, 1Lt D.Payeur, Olt.W.Lelievre, 1SM W.Van Acker
Koksijde SAR meeting NATO SAR Meeting 1980
At Middle Wallop, UK
Valkenburg 40 Squadron
Damage to main & tail rotor at Moeskroen Fire Department. Hit a post.
Operational Integration Exercise
BAF 40sm participated in SAR-Meet from Leeuwarden air base
Visiting Manston
Visit to Oxford / Kidlington for participation in AirMed and Rescue
At Florennes Air Show
France Meeting: Aerien Valenciennes
Makes its 3,000th scramble during an organ transport to Gent
Semmerzake ATCC Open Door
Valenciennes-Denain, France Meeting Aerien Valenciennes
On display at Fairford
For sale at Koksijde AB
Stop at Leonardo, Yeovil on their way to a new home at Historic H